Argentina has its own unique appeal to study Spanish.It is considered one of the countries with the best life standards in Latin America.

It shows a good educational system and a low illiteracy rate.

It is an important cultural center, with many museums and art galleries, as well as a vivid intellectual and scientific community.

It is the largest Spanish speaking country, with 36,2 million inhabitants, approximately.
Several regional and social dialects can be found throughout its territory.

River Plate Spanish is well known as typical of Argentina that is strongly influenced by Italian and is specially voseante even in the most formal registers of the language.

The River Plate dialect is the most prestigious in the national area, and certain regions that had not historically been subjected to its influence have adopted it for everyday use.

The best way to learn a language is to spend time in the country where such language is spoken, to take an active part in its everyday life and to immerse in its culture. It is the best way to understand gradually the way its people think, act and live.

Argentina has excellent Spanish schools all throughout the country, located in cities specially attractive for their natural appeal and the worldwide known excellent academic level of Argentine professionals.