SEA - Asociación de Centros de Idiomas is, since 1993, an institution that protects and defends the ethical management and encourages cooperation and rightful procedure among its members in their task of teaching a language in Argentina and the region.


  SEA requires its members to practice their profession following strict standards and values of respect, credibility, integrity, fairness and loyalty among its members, and emphasizing their professional and social commitment to the community that it integrates and to which it is directed. SEA undertakes to help its members in the process of awareness, assessment and systemization of the above mentioned values in the relation of each member with the institution, its colleagues, its clients, suppliers, students, employees and the community in general.


  SEA serves all its integrating members, in order to use its authority to intervene in the solution of problems that are common to all its members. This means that it is not committed to any Institute in particular.


  It guarantees that the initiatives and ideas of the members are openly expressed and, that if they are approved, they are implemented for the benefit of all parties involved.