The members of SEA shall respect this code of conduct established by this institution to the letter.


  The members, as stated in the 10th section of the Internal Regulations, shall not make use of SEA meetings and assemblies to promote their private businesses. This clearly divides the sphere of institutional practice of each of the associates from the actions related to common welfare.


  All associates that, pursuant to the by-laws, are elected to be part of the Direction Commission (DC) or its deputy commissions shall not use such authority to obtain from institutions, agencies or companies concessions destined to the institutes they manage in their capacity as directors, managers or owners.


  All associated language centers shall undertake to maintain and guarantee a procedure of quality control and continuous improvement in language teaching.


  All language centers shall supply SEA with complete, real and verifiable information on the characteristics of the Institute and its operation.


  The language center shall make available their students and clients all the information referring to their professional and monthly fees, payment and collection methods, registration and discharge procedure, acceptance of training policies by their clients and, in general, all the conditions that rule the relation among the institution, the students and their clients.


  All certificates issued by the associated member shall follow a criterion that is true, professional and ready to be evaluated, informing their students and/or clients on the scope of their validity, pursuant to the laws in force.

8   The staff of the associated centers shall have competent professionals, specialized in teaching the language they deal with.

  All members of SEA shall openly display the Statement of Principles and the Code of Conduct for their students and clients awareness.

10   For further information, contact the Chairman’s Office of the SEA - Asociación de Centros de Idiomas, Viamonte 371, telephone number (54 11) 4516-0427, or e-mail: